Spelga Reservoir


 Spelga Dam owns a mystery.

Did you know cars will roll ‘unaided’ uphill on a certain road at Spelga.  Some say it’s the fairies?  This is what local publications say:

“There is a  “Magic Road” at Spelga Dam!  A car (or any other object that can roll) apparently rolls uphill on this short section, which is not a road as such, but a surfaced entrance driveway to a private area of the dam works. The relevant section however is open to the public and accessible from the passing B27 road.

Gravitational anomaly?

Optical illusion?

Whatever the explanation, it’s an eerie experience!”

See it for yourself on YouTube, just click on the link, but don’t forget to return and learn more about Inspector Daley novels and the Mourne Mountains.


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