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My name is Keith Wells; “Deadliest Deal” is my debut novel, published through Kindle Direct Publishing in October 2011.  The second one to appear on Kindle was “September’s Broken Child”, which was published on the 20th November, just 6 weeks after my debut novel.  I make no bold claim to have written September’s Broken Child in 6 weeks; the first two novels were already finished and edited when the first was published, and the third, was also complete and in the first of the editing stages at that time.    Each novel has a stand-alone plot, however, a subtle theme inhabits them all, reaching a deadly climax in the third.  That was my reason for delaying publication of the first two novels, to facilitate publication of all three in quick succession enabling the reader to trace the continuing plot from the brutal opening paragraph of Deadliest Deal to the exciting finale of the third novel, Vengeance is mine saith the Terrorist.

Deadliest Deal explores massive fraud, murder, police corruption, international drug networking, gun running and extraordinary rendition; all challenged by a small team of police officers that utilise the unusual and unorthodox talents of Inspector Sean (Deadly) Daley to great effect. The background to this novel is the misery of thousands of men and women whose company pensions have evaporated due to incompetence, poor management and fraud in the governance of their pension fund.  It begins with a rally organised by the Pension Victims Action Group (PVAG); unexpected events spawn worldwide publicity.  An inner core of PVAG activists are involved in tracking significant pension fund collapses, their cause and current whereabouts and uses of defrauded funds.  This leads to the murder of a former MP turned CEO of a large steel business whose company pension fund had collapsed. As the police investigation begins more murders occur, this time of pension loss victims.  Inspector Daley, in charge of policing the Kent coastal town of Deal, where the murders occurr, is drawn into a dangerous world of police corruption, contract killing, torture, intimidation, drug supply networks, international arms supply, recruitment of mercenaries and assassins and international State sponsored abduction.   His own life and that of his family, colleagues and friends is threatened and he becomes a suspect in the murder of a Metropolitan Police Detective.  As he weaves an uncertain path through it all he has to confront his own dark and deadly past.

September’s Broken Child is a police operation focussed upon an east European crime gang that traffics children from Europe into the UK and Ireland for the sex and porn industry.  The gang comprises callous killers, veterans of the Balkan conflict.  Daley inveigles himself into this gang in disguise in order to track trafficked children across Europe, risking himself and his covert team in the killing grounds of the former Yugoslavia.  When one of his team is tortured and murdered fear spreads among the others forcing a conclusion of betrayal by the corrupt police officer who had evaded earlier investigations, but not this time.  In a dramatic air, sea and land pursuit ending in France the officer is a whisker away from escape.

In the third novel of the trilogy, Vengeance is mine saith the Terrorist,  the most dangerously corrupt senior British Police Officer ever to wear the blue serge is locked up, in isolation, awaiting trial for multiple murder, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to kidnap and unlawfully imprison children, and corruption in public office.  He’ll stand trial within months and surely thereafter spend every day of the remainder of his life behind bars.  His only permitted human contact, selected prison warders and other prisoners in the same remand isolation wing; he isn’t a threat to anyone, surely?  Surviving witnesses, former colleagues, his enemies, are obviously safe from his avenging ambition, aren’t they?

Francis Bacon, in his ‘Essays of Revenge’ wrote, “Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man’s nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out”.  There is no small amount of revenge to be found in “Vengeance is mine saith the terrorist”.

Police Inspector Sean Daley had been a Special Forces soldier, a sniper of some distinction.  He served three 6 month tours and was involved in many operations in Northern Ireland before resigning from the Army and joining the police service; none of his police colleagues know his military history and he intends that will never change, with one significant exception, but he trusts her completely; but she’s not his wife.

Twenty-five years on why is a Special Branch Detective Inspector from the recently renamed Police Service of Northern Ireland sitting in Daley’s office suggesting he and his family should be aware a young Irishman is roaming England looking for him?

What connects a bizarre death in a Yorkshire prison, theft of archived recordings of MI5 operations in Ulster in the 70’s and 80’s, the murder of the archivist and his daughter, the attempted murder of Inspector Daley’s close friend; could it be the rather cosy relationship between a young Irish Nationalist and a barbaric former Chechen warlord turned crime lord from whom he seeks to acquire explosives and weapons in exchange for ‘blood’ diamonds?

Why does the exchange of diamonds for cash beneath a motorway viaduct in Paris end in explosive mayhem and death?  Where does all of this fit in with the escape from prison of the corrupt cop and the sinking of a Cross Channel Ferry?

Very senior officials of MI5, the Home Office, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Kent Police ask themselves the same questions repeatedly, but none has the complete answer until its too late to stop a terrorist atrocity to rival 9/11.

THE SAFE is my fourth novel; the story takes Daley back in time to 1998.  An innocent hard working JCB operator is tortured to death by ruthless criminals believing he’d discovered their loot when he demolished a Victorian building containing a huge hidden safe. Impoverished by his death his family are then targeted, first by a bailiff, then by more merciless criminals; 4 year old Megan is kidnapped, her ransom, the loot, a mystery to her mother, Laura, but not for her son, 15 year old Ryan. Inspector Daley stumbles, quite literally, into the mystery after Ryan attempts to rob him. Laura’s family under police protection become targets for kidnap, turning a park, a police safe house and a hospital Accident & Emergency department into war zones as ruthless  killers pursue their lust for money.  To arrest the villains and recover the missing loot police set up a sting operation in Dublin; success draws worldwide accolade and shock!  The 1985 kidnap and murder of a Polish Countess is detected but a senior detective is taken hostage in the arch-villain’s determination to escape.

The story is not  only filled with mystery, conspiracy, violent confrontation, thrilling action and sadness; there is tenderness, happiness and romance for some.

JUSTICE IS BEST SERVED DEAD  is my fifth novel, published on the 24th February 2014.  It is a court room crime drama coupled with romantic tragedy and moral dilemma.

John Pointer, Kent Constabulary’s senior crime scene forensic analyst, aged 45, he’s an attractive, unattached, shy, but confident expert; when he attends a murder scene at the home of arrogant super-cop, Simon Yantis, he’s unaware that Sally, the pretty 21 year old dead girl, is the daughter of Lucy Davenport, his only true love from his university days 24 years earlier. He discovers the truth at the trial, where Yantis puts forward an accident self-defence story and discredits John’s evidence; a killer-cop returns to the streets; John Pointer is devastated, blaming himself for the acquittal; even his close friend and colleague, Inspector Sean Daley cannot reverse his deep depression. A year on Lucy, having dedicated her life to getting justice for daughter, Sally, warns Yantis that she’s found the evidence to re-try him; a day later she is killed. Would the cop who killed Sally then go on to kill Lucy and get away with it? How would John cope? Can Inspector Daley find the words to help his friend and get justice for Sally?

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